For most people, self-isolating means coping with confined spaces and making do with what’s available, but that’s not necessarily the case for many of the celebrities taking to Instagram during the coronavirus pandemic.

Famous faces are offering glimpses into their homes and their daily routines while practising social distancing during the outbreak, and they’re as luxurious as you’d imagine.

Kim Kardashian

Who wouldn’t want to step into a closet this well-organized? Kim shows us that you can never have too many shoes or bags when your looking for your next “going to make myself a sandwich” outfit.

The Kardashian-Wests have admitted to implenmenting a minimalist approach to their home decor because it promotes a sense of tranquility in their home after a very long and busy day. We can already see ourselves two face masks deep soaking in that gorgeous tub after a tough day of laying on the couch.


Kendall Jenner

Kendall is staying fit by taking her dog for walks. These days, everyone is itching to get outside. Summer is in full swing, and the warmer days are making everyone crave as much sunshine as possible. Kendall recently posted a photo taking a walk with her dog; she was wearing a casual gray sweatshirt with cutoff gray bottoms while walking the Doberman pinscher.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney gives us a peek of her extensive walk-in closet which packs some of today’s hottest designs. We’re pretty sure that her “sala outfits” will forever be on point.

This mamá-of-three has a killer sense for home decor that can be seen throughout her home. Kourtney has stated in the past that she’d love be be an interior designer and it’s clear from how her home is styled that she has a gift for it.


Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo posted a video of her and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez hanging out in the backyard while Jennifer’s son Max serves them sparkling water on a hoverboard. He then rides the hoverboard across the lawn and jumps in the pool. You know, just a little bit of totally relatable content.

Karen Wazen Bakhazi

The influencer and social media star has been sharing a daily glimpse into life under lockdown. Karen, a mum of three, and her husband, Elias, have been staying at home, and offering daily clips and images showing how they're entertaining their children. 

Lauren Conrad

The former Hills star posted about “quickly running out of activities” to do with her kids while stuck at home. So they built a blanket fort in the living room, and challenged some friends to do the same. I don’t know about you, but my childhood blanket forts weren’t nearly that chic.

Rawan Bin Hussain

Since self-isolation started, Rawan's come up with a brand new IGTV series called 'Rawan Cooks.' The former Cosmo ME cover star gives us some pointers on her own secret recipes, and even walks us through her cooking. We deffo just got hungry.

What are your quarantine tips that helped the time pass for you?
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