We may not all able to keep up a daily diet of personal training and hot yoga but there's alot more to learn from celebrities' workout and diet than you might think.

We know that exercise, while extremely important, isn't always exciting. So we admire the way these famous women manage to keep up their routines - even in the face of hectic touring, training, and reality TV schedules. That's why we're taking a few cues from them on our way to discovering our own various fitness passions.

Ahead, we've collected Beyonce and J Lo's workouts and diet - and easy ways to incorporate them into your life, if you're so inspired.

1. Beyonce works out five days a week. She will do about thirty minutes of cardio in the morning. In addition to this, she also practices choreography seven times per week for nin hours at a time.

2. She jogs for at least fifteen minutes per day. This is part of her warm-up routine and uses it to help get her ready for the rest of her workout.

3. She does weight lifting. For her lower body, she performs a bunch of lunges and squats, sometimes performing up to a hundred reps each. For her upper body, she mixes bodyweight movements and weight lifting, She'll do the bench press, push ups, military press, as well as may other exercises to mix it up. Her arm exercises typically consist of dumbbell curls and machine tricep extensions.

4. She does yoga once per week. This helps give her those killer legs and thighs.

5. Her diet in a nutshell:

   Eat 6 small meals per day

   Make sure to eat breakfast

   Eat lots of veggies

   No refined foods

   No alcohol


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1. J Lo never skips a workout. She has learned to hold herself accountable for maintaining her strength and agility.

2. She keeps her workouts fresh. Whether she's doing planks and push-ups or dancing to a new song, she stays active and makes sure she's always having fun. Her go-to workouts include kickboxing, circuit training, lunges, burpees, and ab workouts. She also tones her upper body with the ever-challenging Spiderman push-ups, which includes a stability-testing BOSU ball to target arms, chest and core.

3. She fuels up with protein and veggies. She is not about depriving herself from food to stay slim. Instead, she opts for meals that leave her satisfied and full of energy. She has also cut out processed and refined foods and drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.

4. She always makes time for rest. Her number one beauty tip? Alwats get enough sleep. Her routine also includes self-care.


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