The color of the season is any bright shade of neon and there is plenty of evidence of it’s staying power from the fashion industry itself. It was all over the Spring/Summer 2019 runways of New York fashion week, which happened in last September.

So, what are neon colors exactly? You might be thinking of a packet of desktop highlighters, but in fashion we call it lime, lemon, tangerine and fuchsia.

The modern way to wear them is with a pared-back finish: when you're clothes are this bright, a good lip balm and scraped-back hair will make for contemporary ease rather than eighties dazzle.

But neon clothes aren’t just for the runway, the privileged, or the famous. They're immensely wearable, even in your daily wardrobe. At ESCHEL we have got you covered ladies to get that celeb style at high street affordable prices! See below for our top picks for each of the three biggest fluorescent color trends: hot green, fuchsia pink, and lemon yellow.

This color is definitely the most intimidating of the three, but it also appears to be the one that will stick around the longest since it was all over the SS19 runways as well. It seemed like every celebrity was wearing a variation of the shade toward the end of last year, and now, in 2019, it is still in full force. Loving lime? Shop our MONNA outfit for less than 600 AED.





Say so long to pretty pastel pinks, as magenta ruled both on the streets, and on the runways. Kylie Jenner racked up over five million likes when she wore the designer original of this dress to her 21st birthday bash. Try it for yourself and see can you compete! We have our version of the dress in store now and costs a mere 498.75 AED, shop our ARIBA dress here.






“This season we’re seeing a continuation of bold, vibrant, statement making colors. Magenta and golden yellow will be huge,” says Caroline Maguire, the fashion director at Shopbop.

While it might seem hard to pull off, it is actually not as intimidating as you would think. Start slow, and introduce the color with accessories. Our NITSA dress is an absolute steal with a price tag of under 500 AED.





If you tend to shy away from bright colors, the key to pulling off this electrifying color trend is shopping for silhouettes that you already know work for you. Tone down a bright piece by pairing it with shades of beige, cream and brown. Brightly-hued handbags, or luminous lacquered jewellery, can present a more subdued alternative.

This week’s fact of the blog: According to Laver's Law, when a trend is in fashion, it is 'smart.' One year before this it is 'daring.' And 20 years later, it becomes 'ridiculous.' 50 years, Laver said, was how long it took for a trend to begin to creep back into style.

So, are you going neon green for 2019?! Let us know your thoughts on the trend in the comment section below.